Maharshi Dayanada Saraswathi



Arya Samaj had a glorious history in Kerala. The following are the major events in Kerala history involving the Arya Samaj. During the Malabar Rebellion in 1921 when the vedic ideals were tortured at Malabar province, Arya Samaj leaders like Pt Hans Raj, Swamy Sradhanand and Pt Rishi Ram and many unsung heroes took some bold initiatives and came here with few immortal Arya missionaries. Due to their dedicated work we could revive the vedic light again in Kerala. First Arya Samaj unit in Kerala formed at Calicut and it has shown exemplary courage and dedication for evacuating the displaced people. There was a strong Arya Samaj at Ponnani in Malappuram district also. 



Vaikom Satyagraha (1924 - 25) was an important  social movement in  Kerala against untouchability in Hindu society. The movement was centered at the Shiva temple at Vaikom, near Kottayam.The Satyagraha aimed at securing freedom of movement for all sections of society through the public roads leading to the Sri Mahadevar Temple at Vaikom. As was the custom prevalent in those days, the Avarnas (lower caste people) were not allowed to enter the temples. But at Vaikom, they were not permitted even to use the public roads around the temple. Notice boards were put up at different spots prohibiting the entry of Avarnas reminding them of their social inferiority. All the more unbearable to them were the fact that a Christian or a Muslim was freely allowed on these roads. An Avarna had to walk through a circuitous route, two to three miles longer to avoid the road beside the temple.


Due to the missionary works of Aryasamaj few depressed class members were converted to vedic dharma. Initially they were allowed to use the public roads at Vaikkom which were previously closed to them, but then the authorities, under orthodox pressure, announced that conversion to the Arya Samaj did not take the convert out of the depressed classes.  Swamy Sradhanand and Pt. Rishi Ram issued a manifesto of protest, “it means that a member of the depressed classes cannot have his social disabilities removed unless he forsakes the Hindu society and religion.” A popular movement started at Vaikom against the attitude of the so called orthodox Hindus. Great National Leaders like Arya Missionary Swamy Shradhanand, Mahatma Gandhi and social reformers like Sree Narayana Guru, EV Ramaswamy Naikker (popularly known as Periyar) were part of this struggle.  Arya Samaj contributed a leading part in this successful social movement for eradicating untouchability.





One of the very rich Moplah Muslims of Malappuram district called Uneen Sahib and his brother Alippu came under the spiritual influence of  Vedic dharma and decided to re-convert to Vedic religion.  He went to the Arya Samaj at Calicut along with his brother, sons and many other family members and got re-converted into Vedic religion under the ritualistic shuddhi sanskar conducted by Arya Missionary Sri. Buddha Singh from Punjab in 1946.   On becoming a follower of vedic religion, Uneen Sahib got the arya name of Ramasimhan. One of his brothers got the name of Dayasimhan. Dayasimhan later became Narasimhan on his becoming a Namboothiri Brahmin. This shudhi work made great fury and consternation among the fundamentalist Moplah Muslims of this area.  Ramasimhan and many members of his family along with their retainers were brutally murdered by a pack of Islamic Moplah Marauders on the night of the  02 August 1947.





Many books on vaidika sahithyam supporting the ideological views of Maharshi Dayanand published in Malayalam. The dedicated vedic missionaries like Vedabandhu Sharma,  Harshavardhanan, Acharya Narendra Bhooshan , Kizhanellur Parameswaran Namboothiri, Aryabaskar, Velayudha Arya, etc. have given much contribution in this regard. There are many known and unknown persons took bold initiatives to spread the ideals of Maharshi Dayanand in Kerala. Unfortunately these details are not recorded in our history books and hence unavailable. We are trying to unfold these missing chapters in Kerala history and make their dedicated works known to future generation.

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